The Vienna Boys Choir needs your help

We are a private, not-for-profit organisation; the Vienna Boys Choir does not receive any government subsidies. We depend on our tours, on royalties, on sponsorship, and on donations for our survival.

We have a large campus, several schools, several choirs, a tailor shop, a workshop, and a kitchen that feeds up to 500 people every day.

To maintain all of this, is a huge logistical and administrative task; and it requires money.

The Vienna Boys Choir Scholarship Fund

The Vienna Boys Choir funds and maintains a primary school, a middle school, and a senior high school, four touring choirs, a youth choir, a girls' choir, and an early music programme for infants. More than 300 boys and girls from 31 different nations attend our schools; 100 choristers are on full scholarships. We want to give them all the very best education.

Our education must be affordable for everyone. The boys in the touring choirs are all on scholarships.

Children's Operas

The Vienna Boys Choir has been producing children’s operas since the 1920s; initially, the choir performed pieces like “Bastien and Bastienne” by Mozart, “Lo speziale” by Haydn, or “Abu Hassan” by Carl Maria von Weber. In the 1960s, the choir commissioned Benjamin Britten to write a piece for the boys: “The Golden Vanity” premiered at the Aldeburgh Festival in 1967, conducted by the composer.

In the past two decades, a number of new operas have been commissioned; every season, two or three productions are shown at MuTh, the choir’s concert hall.
“Moby-Dick” by Raoul Gehringer, “The Little Prince” and “The Begging Boy” by Gerald Wirth, “Help, Help, the Globolinks!” by Gian Carlo Menotti, “The Little Sweep” by Benjamin Britten. In the 2019/20 season, the choir plans to perform another classic, “The Magic Word” by Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger.

To Gerald Wirth, children’s operas are an essential part of the choir’s curriculum. “An opera production offers unique learning opportunities: the children experience the whole creative process necessary to bring an opera about, to produce theatre.  More importantly, they learn about themselves, and their potential. But these theatrical productions are particularly expensive, and we need financial help with that.”

Sponsoring Can Also Help

If you are interested in sponsoring the Vienna Boys Choir, please. Thank you!