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Our next major new opera production is "Das Zauberwort" (The magic spell) by Josef Gabriel Rheinberger, a late Romantic composer.
Operas are expensive, even children's opera. There is a leading team consisting of stage director, production designer, and assistants. There is an orchestra, and a musical director. "Zauberwort" also requires an actor. We need sets, costumes, props.

Such a production costs between 50.000 and 60.000 Euros: We need to raise most of this.

"Das Zauberwort", based on a story by Wilhelm Hauff, tells of a Caliph, who wishes to spend a day as a stork. Unfortunately, in stork mode, he cannot remember the spell to turn him back into human form.
"A choir is a miniature society. Choir members strive to achieve a common goal - good music; they learn how to function as a team. People who sing as children benefit in every aspect of their lives."
- Professor Gerald Wirth, Artistic Director, The Vienna Boys Choir

For more than 520 years, we have trained boys in singing and seen to their education. Today, we continue a proud tradition: Every year, we educate 300 boys and girls of all backgrounds for a global society, their future.

Our education is open to all. Every child, every student in our schools costs between 30.000 and 36.000 Euros per annum. This includes tuition, boarding, music lessons, and travel - and the Vienna Boys Choir pays for this. In addition, we maintain the buildings on campus, the two baroque palaces, and the modern boarding school. Costs are prohibitive, and rising, which is why we are asking for your help.